September 2017 Finishing & Repair Workshop

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  • Event Type:Workshop
  • Held On on:September 30, 2017
  • Topic:Finishing & Repair

The Details:

Our workshop was at Tech Shop in Chandler. Our thanks to them for providing a wonderful room complete with everything we could need & more.

Our guest instructors (Jim & Tom) were from Mohawk Finishing Products and proved to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of finishing and furniture repair.

Although we did our best to stump them, we couldn't. They provided lots of knowledge about finishing techniques, including lots of information about areas where people typically stumble.

They also gave us lots of reference materials to take home for future use.

Some Of The Workshop Highlights:

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Great Turnout

Jim discussed the steps he recommends for the finish spraying process to a large group of AZ Woodworkers members and guests.
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Jim's Process

He discussed in detail the eight step process for spraying and indicated where glazing could be done.
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Tom Demonstrates & Explains

Tom explained the process he perfected over years of furniture finish repair. He uses a burn-in knife in one of the early steps in that process.
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Level is Step 1.

At this stage in the process Tom has filled the dent in the bowl by first checking that no fibers are showing and ensuring that the filler is level with the bowl surface.
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Jim's Drawer Repair

Jim then showed how a damaged drawer can be repaired with Mohawk products.
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Drawer Repair Process

Here he is using a special tool to heat the Mohawk filler. The tool uses batteries to heat the tip. He then uses a scraper and sandpaper to blend the filler into the Drawer.
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Patch Is Complete

Here you can see the patch that has been applied. He then went on to blend the patch to the rest of the drawer wood surface.
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Repair Process

These are the steps Jim followed in the drawer repair process. Several of the workshop attendees stayed after the presentation to ask both Jim and Tom questions. It was a good demonstration of finish spraying and furniture repair techniques.
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A Full Line

Mohawk makes a full line of professional products that produce consistent and predictable results.