September 2017 Monthly Meeting

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  • Event Type:Monthly Meeting
  • Held On on:September 20, 2017
  • Topic:Incra Jig

The Details:

Our meeting was at Timber Woodworking Machinery in Mesa. Mel (owner) graciously donated gift certificates which were given to our two new members who joined during our meeting. Mel also announced the return of his Woodworking Expo for November 4th.

Our guest instructor was Rich Best who gave a very interesting demonstration on two of Incra's jigs, the table saw jig and the router jig.

Rich's presentation was fabulous. Everything and anything you wanted to know about the Incra Jig was covered and members had lots of questions.

Repeatability is the most import feature of these jigs.

Some great show and tell projects were reviewed.

Some Of The Meeting Highlights:

meeting highlights

Dave VanEss

Dave VanEss, our club President, discussed his article entitled "Hamilton Log Set" that appeared in the this month's edition of Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts.
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Mel (Timber's Owner)

Announces his Woodworking Expo.
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A Generous Gift

Mel donated gift cards to our two new members.
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Jim Horton

During the "Show and Tell" portion of the club meeting Jim Horton showed the Sudoku Board he made with the help from Harland Tompkins.
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Jim's Sudoku Board

Describes the details of his beautiful keepsake box.
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Harland Tompkins

Harland next explained that he received a number of comments at the last meeting concerning the diamond insert he added to the box he brought.
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Harland's Box

So he made another box with six diamond inserts for this meeting.
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Bill McDonald

Bill McDonald was next up and discussed the very intricate set of bracelets that he turned. One of them had very detailed cut outs.
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Bill's Bracelets

Here is a close up of the 6 bracelets that Bill brought to "Show and Tell."
meeting highlights

Rich Best

Rich Best gave a very interesting demonstration on two of Incra's jigs, the table saw jig and the router jig.
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Rich Demonstrates

Here Rich shows the advantages of the Inrca table saw jig and explains how to use it.
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The router jig can produce beautiful box joints that are both accurate and easy to use. Here are a few examples of the kind of fancy box joints that this jig can produce.