October 2017 Monthly Meeting

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  • Event Type:Monthly Meeting
  • Held On on:October 18, 2017
  • Topic:Harland's Jig

The Details:

Our meeting was at Porter Barn Wood in Phoenix. Thomas (owner) graciously donated gift certificates which were given away via a random drawing to two lucky club members. Thomas also brought us up-to-date on his Bluegrass Festival on November 4th.

Our guest instructor was Harland Tompkins who gave a very interesting presentation on his cool jig that is used to create his unique box projects .

Harland's presentation was fabulous. To add some icing to the cake, Harland also showed us how he makes those cool designs that look like "through" inlays in some of his projects.

Some great show and tell projects were reviewed. And Thomas Porter gave us a private tour of his shop area which is jam-packed with cool toys.

Some Of The Meeting Highlights:

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The Porter Barn Wood facility

If you are looking for classic reclaimed wood or professionally constructed doors and furniture this is the place to visit.
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Thomas Porter

Our gracious host, gave away two gift certificates and provided a private tour.
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David VanWinkle

During our show & tell portion, David showed off a prototype of his new flag case design.
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Dave Van Ess

Created a cool shaped bowl using some unique scroll saw talent.
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Lee NeuSeld

Describes the finishing process on his wine bottle box.
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Lee's Box

He experimented with a high gloss finish that required lots of rubbing.
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Andy Trotti

Created a couple of Acrylic Pens. The acrylic material tended to chip easily while being turned.
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Michael Root

Brought some serious competition to our scroll saw people with a cabinet he created.
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Bill McDonald

Created a couple of segmented bowls. Next month Bill will be showing us how he creates segmented bowls.
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Porter Barn Wood's Shop Area

Full of cool toys and some very expensive equipment.
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Just One Of The Storage Areas

Porter Barn Wood has three storage areas and a blacksmith shop.
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Harland Tompkins

Provided a very detailed presentation of building his jig which included several different ways to make it and the pros and cons of each.
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The Completed Jig

The presentation is in the educational section of our website.
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Harland also showed us the secret to his "through" inlay.