November 2017 Monthly Meeting

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  • Event Type:Monthly Meeting
  • Held On on:November 15, 2017
  • Topic:Segmented Bowls

The Details:

Our meeting was at Woodcraft in Chandler. Woodcraft graciously donated a bag full of goodies that we gave away as door prizes to various members who participated in the night's meeting.

Our guest instructor was Bill McDonald who introduced us to all the little secrets he's learned while building his cool segmented bowls.

Bill's presentation was great. He explained the process in entire process of building a segmented bowl, told us where to find jigs and tools that make the process easier and more accurate.

Lots of questions from our members, Bill even had handout that explained the process in more detail.

Some Of The Meeting Highlights:

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Standing Room Only

We had more members then the space accomdated. People were standing outside the door.
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An Update

Dave brings the members up to date with, Holiday Party, Elections, Plans for next year & more.
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Eric from Woodcraft

Woodcraft donated a bag full of goodies to the club and gave us 15% off purchases made that night. THANKS!
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Lee Neufeld's Tree

Found a really cool tree up north in the mountains and showed us what he was able to get from it. Ponmderosa Pine!
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David Vanwinkle's Flag Case

Detailed the flag case project. He's found vendors that donate both the wood and the glass. He gives the cases away to fallen first responders as needed.
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Gary Felton's House

Gary showed a bird house that he's been making for friends and neighbors.
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Bill McDonald's Bowl

In keeping with the night's theme .. Bill brought in a segmented bowl with open segments. This is one example of his presentation.
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Jim Horton's Sudoku Board

Created a very cool looking Sudoku board, complete with inlays.
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Jim Piscopo's Wine Bottle Holder

A clever wine bottle holder made from wood flooring scraps.
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Bob Brazeau had a question

Bob asked the group for advice on removing rough spots and burn marks from a notch in his project. Turns out Woodcraft had quick, simple answer,
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Rich Best - Hand Made

This was made 100% with hand tools. No power tools used. Rich is planning a workshop for early next year for those who are interested.
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Bill McDonald's Presentation

A great job, lot's of details and handouts. He showed the jigs, and tools needed and has a lot of knowledge that he shared.