July 2017 Monthly Meeting

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  • Event Type:Monthly Meeting
  • Held On on:July 19, 2017
  • Topic:Making Precise Small Parts

The Details:

A great meeting at Woodworkers Source in Tempe.

Most notable was that we had a "new" president for a day! Thanks to David for filling in - he did a great job!

Along with our Show & Tell, raffle and networking, we got a chance for open house in the store after normal business hours.

Looks like our Members have been busy in their workshops, we had a lot going on especially considering the warm weather.

Our featured topic of the month was how to make small, very precise parts. Lee demonstrated the techniques he uses so effectively on all his miniatures. Check out the example below.

Some Of The Meeting Highlights:

meeting highlights

Jean Howard asked for help

Several club members offered their services.

meeting highlights

Jill Walterbach

A complex puzzle with finely cut scroll saw cut pieces.

meeting highlights

The Completed Puzzle

A work of art.

meeting highlights

Bill McDonald - Several Bowls

Discussed challenges & solutions.

meeting highlights

Potential Problem

Bowl pieces line up one above the other leads to cracks.

meeting highlights

Bill's Solution

Stack the bowl parts in a "brick" fashion.

meeting highlights

Lee Neufeld's Session

Building highly accurate models of farm equipment.

meeting highlights

Lee's Current Project

It is made 100% out of wood!

meeting highlights

A few parts


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