April 2018 Monthly Meeting

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  • Event Type:Monthly Meeting
  • Held On on:April 18, 2018
  • Topic:Wood Movement Part #1

The Details:

Our meeting was held at Porter Barnwood In Phoenix.

Our guest instructor was Rich Best who talked about Understanding Wood Movement and how impacts our projects.

Highlights include a great turnout, wonderful accommodations and a spectacular offer made by Thomas (owner of Porter Barnwood) for members to purchase commercial-quality saw blades at a great price.

Some Of The Meeting Highlights:

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Start The Meeting

Dave (President)calls another full house meeting to order. Lots of new members in the audience.
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Thomas Porter

Welcomes us to his business and makes a some offers to our members - Thank You So much Thomas!
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His new project is a mini tractor - Although it's still in process, in a word, Amazing!
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A segmented bowl with more than 100 segments kept Bill busy since our last meeting in March.
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Made bird house kits for kids to assemble.
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Cool Bird House

One Of Dave's kids for kids to assemble.
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Showed off some band saw tricks he used on a table lamp.
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Leftover Scrap

Harland put some excess scrap to work by making mini wedges, he even had a matching set of coasters.
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Rich Best

Explained why wood is "SO MUCH FUN" to work with including why it sometimes doesn't cut straight, warps, etc.