April 2017 Member Shop Tours

  • Event Type:Shop Tours
  • Held On on:April 22, 2017
  • Shops Visited:Southwest Tour

Event Details:

Great turnout, a fun-filled day for all who attended.

We visited 4 member's who had graciously offered to invite our membership in for a private tour.

First stop VanWinkle's Shop. The interesting fact about this shop is that he had a large metal building put up to house his equipment on his property. And he has one of everything pretty much. Although he says he is relatively new to the craft he is well set up to do any type of woodworking that he would want. Impressive!

Second Stop Neufeld's shop. It is housed in a three car garage, but he has walled off one of the bays for his unique type of woodworking. He builds beautiful highly detailed farm equipment, trucks and other vehicles. Incredible Attention To Detail.

Third Stop Riordan's shop or should I call it his "Woodworking Estate. He bought this gigantic storage facility and loaded it up with some impressive woodworking equipment. Just take a look at some of these photos.

The last shop of the tour was VanEss'. His shop is located in a two car garage. He has been adding new tools and storage cabinets over the years. It is pretty crowded but he made sure that his little granddaughter had a work bench just like his but sized for her use. He enjoys building Lincoln Log like parts that he uses to construct buildings for his granddaughter.

A Special Thank You To All Our Members Who Opened Up Their Shops For This Tour and also to Our Newly Designated "Official Club Photographer" - Edwin Depukat

Shop Tour Highlights:

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